Over the past couple weeks I have completed a redesign of my website. I upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and in that process, I got rid of most of the custom theme tweaks I had in place and opted to use a theme framework (Omega) instead. I also used some of Drupal's core features and contributed modules to accomplish my design.

The Omega framework allowed me to have a good starting point using the 960 grid system and responsive web-design to accommodate different devices (try resizing the browser). I found the Context module to be very helpful in accomplishing theming by allowing me to override default block/region settings and placing custom CSS on certain pages.

The custom fonts came from FontSquirrel with the @font-face downloadable kits. Hopefully these fonts are a little more interesting instead of the usual web-safe list and I increased the font size and white space around the site to aid in readability.

These templates are using many CSS3 and HTML5 features, so you'll get the best experience browsing on a modern browser. Thanks for stopping by!